Jun’20 Munch and Mosh Details

Let’s all relax and have a great time!

Come to be with pups/pets, Handlers, and be able to hang out and be yourself with other like-minded people. There will be food, drinks, squeakies, and of course time on the mosh mats with the pups/pets. Participation in the mosh is not mandatory, we all understand and appreciate some may be new or nervous and would like time to observe and interact with us before you’re comfortable.

Click Here for the Event to RSVP.

Time/Date:  Starts at noon on Saturday 13 June 2020.

Location Contact Us if you haven’t received details (security reasons).

Food/Drink:  We’ll sort this out in the group chat and update this post – you are welcome to bring your favorite drink/snack as well. Please advise us ASAP if you have any allergies.

Attire:  Please wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to remove hard shoes/boots and wear socks during the mosh (see rules). As some attendees may not be comfortable with nudity, it is recommended that pups wear show tails instead of plug tails. We’re a fairly casual group, so dress as you’d like (some of us will be in shorts and t-shirts).  Outdoor amenities/activities may be available depending on the weather, so prepare accordingly.

Schedule Mosh will begin after most pups arrive and social introductions have been made. Water/cool down breaks will occur every 30 minutes (or sooner, depending on what Mosh Masters observe). Once pups are ready to come out of headspace (1-2 hours or so), we’ll all meander on over for food and social time.

Mosh Rules:

  • First and foremost, all attendees must abide by and respect the Member Rules.
  • Always respect and abide by any commands from the Mosh Masters (Handler Chris and Ryan). These commands will generally be for the safety of you and the other participants.
  • Mind consent when interacting with anyone. If you are unsure, ask.
  • Take rest breaks when needed.
  • A Red will be called and the mosh stopped if there is a danger and/or serious matter that requires attention.
  • This is a private event in a private home. Treat the space with the upmost respect.
  • Please respect attire and schedule posted above.
  • No hard shoes, boots, or knee pads in the mosh (socks and soft knee pads recommended).
  • If you have ANY allergies, let us know BEFORE THE MOSH BEGINS. You will be required to show us where your unexpired EpiPen is stored before any participation is allowed. We will assist in retrieving and using it if necessary. This is for your safety, as there will be toys and treats in use during play.
  • Photos may be taken during the event for internal use. Nothing will be posted publicly without consent of all those in frame. You are expected to abide by this as well.
  • Fire and pool water must stay within appropriate containment.
  • Participation in the event waives your legal rights to any claims for any damages and/or any other claims against the hosts, participants, property, and NCF-PAH resulting directly or indirectly from participation. A signed waiver will be required (we’ll have these on hand at the event).