What is Pup Play?

This is quite a dynamic topic, so please bear with us – there’s no one right answer, but there’s certainly a few wrong ones.

First and foremost, pup play is NOT and DOES NOT involve or condone bestiality – NCF-PAH and the community at large forbids and condemns this.  It is, quite frankly, disgusting and not welcome in our space.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s take a moment to talk about where pup play comes from – there’s other resources online that have more information and sources for this, so we’re going to look at it briefly and from a high level.  Pup play is a kink, even though for many it is non-sexual in nature.  Many years ago, in Master/slave and other D/s relationships, it was used as a form of punishment and humiliation.  People started recognizing the fun aspects of assuming the role of a pet/canine, and it became rather enjoyable for the pup and its Owner.  It has since evolved into its own separate entity. 

Although participants likely practice other Power Exchange/kinks, when in a pup scene and/or headspace, the distinct difference is that the pup is not viewed and treated as a human pet, but rather as a canine pet, aside from the obvious limitations and differences.

Puppy Stolas chasing squirrels. Photo by Chris Mastic
Tugs with a sock. Photo by Chris Mastic

Being that it is still a form of D/s relationship and roles, we recommend further reading for a basic understanding of:

What is a Handler?

What is a Handler?

Handlers are the hooman who is the caretaker of the pups/pets, keeper of treats, and giver of scritches.
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What is a pup?

What is a pup?

A human pup is a person who places themselves into a headspace that mirrors that of our canine companions.
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Good pups posing for pictures. Photo by Chris Mastic
Pups at NCF-PAH's first mosh. Photo by Chris Mastic

Protocol, or as some may say the rules of decorum, are quite loose and at times appear nonexistent.  For those coming from the Leather and other, stricter kink communities it may take some adjustment until you’re comfortable.  Conversely, pups should always respect the spaces and Protocol of the communities they may encounter.  Other than staying Safe, Sane, and Consensual, it’s pretty much down to the pups sorting their personalities and negotiating their interactions with one another and Handlers.  When in doubt, politely inquire.  At NCF-PAH, we have a certain set of Rules (Protocol, but anything formal-sounding invites bratty retort), which you can view here

We hate to be vague in any of our explanations on this site, but…puppies.  Enough said.

All around, pup play is a highly enjoyable experience for both the pup and Handler.  Not only does it allow everyone to shed the stresses of the day and let go of anxieties, it also opens the opportunity to explore oneself – whether diving further into headspace, using experiences for personal betterment, or even opening the doors to learning about other kinks.

Your experiences will vary but remember – there’s a whole community out there who are eager to help and share their knowledge, if you are respectful and keep an open mind.  This is a journey of self-discovery and will be as unique for you as it was for us.  If we can help answer any questions for you, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

– Handler Chris and Puppy Stolas (Founding Members of NCF-PAH)