Who We Are

NCF-PAH is an open and inclusive like-minded group of enthusiastic participants of human pup/pet play and their supporters in the North & Central Florida areas.  

We strive to provide safe spaces and support for our members on their journey of self-discovery and an open dialogue of hot-button topics with the goal of educating those willing to learn.

“We look forward to welcoming all those within the community, old and new, with open paws” – Handler Chris and Puppy Stolas

While open to all who would like to join (as long as they follow Member Rules), our members typically live in North & Central Florida Areas divided into three Chapters as seen on the map:

  • NCF-PAH North (Gainesville, Ocala, Lake City, Jacksonville, and surrounding areas)
  • NCF-PAH Tampa (Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Bradenton, Lakeland, and surrounding areas)
  • NCF-PAH Orlando (Orlando, Daytona Beach, Kissimmee, Winter Haven, and the Space Coast)
NCF-PAH's First Munch and Mosh. Photo by Ryan C.

Our Mission

NCF-PAH strives to provide the following for the community:

Safe Spaces

We are an inclusive group of like-minded individuals, working together to provide safe spaces for those not only involved in pup/pet play but for those individuals to be themselves without fear and/or judgement.


We promote, support, and host educational opportunities on numerous topics, kink-related or not. We believe education is key to not only understanding and fully enjoying activities such as pup/pet play, but also to promote safety and understanding while removing negative stereotypes of kinks through open, honest dialogue.

Safety and Consent

We may seem overly cautious when discussions arise, and with due cause. NCF-PAH fiercely promotes and will gladly educate anyone curious on the topics of safe practices and consent. Consent is key to any interaction.

Our Principles

  • NCF-PAH does not condone or accept bestiality or other illegal activities.
  • NCF-PAH is an open and inclusive group…you do not need to be a cis gay male pup to be a member and partake in group activities. All people and critters are welcome – as long as they abide by our rules.
  • NCF-PAH believes education is a key component of understanding and safely practicing any kink.
  • NCF-PAH wants everyone to be comfortable and avoid undue anxiety, thus nudity and sexual activities are prohibited unless explicitly stated as part of an event/event space.
  • NCF-PAH endorses the idea of community and embraces our differences, promoting cooperation and harmony within the kink community as a whole.
  • NCF-PAH will not, under normal circumstances, publicly (including public group channels) endorse, condemn, or otherwise cause strife against others in our community and/or pubic figures. We understand there may be rare instances where there is near unanimous support to do so, and it will be done carefully as to express the views of ALL members.  We believe there should be a united front between kinksters and groups to overcome negative stereotypes and present a positive image, not tension and infighting based on past issues and hearsay.
  • NCF-PAH has a set of rules which members are expected to abide by, available here.

Recent NCF-PAH Milestones

Aug 2021

Disney Trip?

As we had many members in the Orlando and Space Coast area, we felt we could make some positive contributions to the local community. A day at the parks, anyone?

Mar 2021

Hello, Tampa Bay Area!

Naturally, with many members in the Tampa Bay Area, we wanted to introduce events in the area.

Mar 2021

Remember to Put on Pants Before Going Outside…

We began having outdoor socials following CDC guidelines exploring new places and venues, cautiously but eagerly spending time in-person instead of just online. As more were vaccinated and CDC guidelines evolved, more and more of us began showing up. A plan was put in place to proactively address concerns for in-person events, which will hopefully allow private munch and moshes soon!

Mar 2020

COVID Turns the World Upside-Down

As the world turned upside-down, NCF-PAH began transitioning to online-only events and communications. Throughout the year, we did our part by raising and disbursing funds to assist those all over Florida and beyond who were impacted by sudden closures and illness due to COVID-19. Socializing through Zoom and Teams-based Virtual Moshes, Learning Discussions, and working on community building, we focused on getting through this together while helping others during these hard, uncertain times.

Nov 2019

Let the fun begin!

Although multiple regular appearances at Pride festivals and group brunches/dinners have occurred for months, the first official private space munch and mosh was held (and we’d like to think it was a success!).

Nov 2019

It’s Getting Real Now

NCF-PAH, LLC was filed as a means to keep assets/finances separate and transparent while providing an easier means to transfer assets to future leaders and properly generate revenue for the group’s activities with the intent of being self-sufficient for operating costs.

Oct 2019

The Work Begins

An official website, email, and social media accounts were created to promote the group. Other like-minded individuals began to join.

Sept 2019

A PAH is Born

NCF-PAH was officially titled and presented by Handler Chris and pup Stolas to pups Rollick and Loki for feedback. The group began to take shape and had it’s first logo created.

Aug 2019

Where Is Everybody?

The idea of a pack is discussed between pups Stolas and Rollick, and eventually involved Handler Chris for feedback.  Realizing the lack of an open kinkster community in the area, Stolas and Chris settled on the idea of presenting a Pup/Pet and Handler group to establish a community without the commitment of a pack.

Pups at the club. Photo by Chris Mastic
Pups Loki and Stolas at Pride. Photo by Chris Mastic
Mesmerized by the pretty lights. Photo by Chris Mastic